SERVPRO of Hampton North Employee Photos

Missy Burns, Marketing Director

Missy Burns is the Business Development/Marketing Manager at SERVPRO of Hampton. She has been a proud member of the team since 2009.

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Heather Chapman

Heather is a Job File Coordinator for our SERVPRO team!

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Andrea Corp

Andrea is our Dispatcher!

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Andrew Corp

Andrew is a Project Manager!

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Richa Dahal

Richa is a Job File Coordinator!

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Matt Duffy

Matt is part owner and main Manager of SERVPRO of Hampton North!

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Chris Ace Fielder

Ace is a Reconstruction Project Manager for our SERVPRO Team.

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Pearl McWhorter

Pearl is our Warehouse Manager for our SERVPRO team!

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Gary Moore

Gary is a Crew Chief for our SERVPRO team!

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Sheila Park

Sheila is a Production Technician!

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Darryl Reid

Darryl is a Crew Chief!

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Sabrina Shoup

Sabrina Shoup is our SERVPRO of Hampton lead Textile Restoration Technician. Sabrina has 5 1/2 years of textile restoration experience and over 15 years in the dry cleaning industry. She is happily married with three children. Sabrina was born in Houston Texas and has lived in many areas due to being a "navy brat." Sabrina loves reading and fishing and would love to be able to rescue all animals. Sabrina says that the best part of working in textile restoration is helping to put people's lives back together again, especially when they feel like they have no control over their disaster situation.

Certifications: Esporta® Cleaning System Certified Operator

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Nick Speth

Nick is one of our Reconstruction Project Managers!

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Jerri Sudduth

Jerri is a Production Technician!

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Donta Tate

Donta is a Crew Chief!

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Stephen Tavares

Stephen is a Reconstruction Superintendent!

Bobby Wierzbowski, Estimator

Bobby Wierzbowski is a SERVPRO Estimator with SERVPRO of Hampton North since 2014.

Bobby works closely with your insurance company and you to help provide the information needed to help restore your home or business.  

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Sam Williams

Sam is a Crew Chief for our Reconstruction Department!

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Chad Young

Chad is our General Manager at SERVPRO of Hampton North!