Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage System Backup in Hampton

A sewage system backed up in this home and flooded the entire bathroom.  This is called a category 3 water contamination.  The cleanup requires profes... READ MORE

Smoke Damage from Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire left this home smelling of smoke and with visible soot damage.  Once you are safe, and after the fire crews have left, SERVPRO of Hampton No... READ MORE

School Flood in Hampton

Water damage and flooding emergencies in schools and commercial properties, are often complex.  The emergency requires a professional, experienced response... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Cleanup

A clogged sewage pipe flooded over 2000 square feet in this commercial strip mall.  Quick action was necessary to prevent other businesses from being ... READ MORE

Dishwasher Mold & Water Damage

A defective dishwasher had been without notice, leaking over a period of time.  The leak caused major water and mold damage to the dishwasher cabinet and i... READ MORE

Second Floor Toilet Backup

This home's second floor toilet backed up and spilled contaminated water over and through the first floor ceiling. Disinfecting and the removal of the cont... READ MORE

Roof Damage by Storm in Hampton

During a storm, a school roof began leaking due to heavy rains and high winds.  It is important to inspect your roof, eaves, and siding prior to each seaso... READ MORE

Storm Floods Entire First Floor of Home

When water levels rise during a storm and invade your home or business, you are left with a mess.Several inches of water flooded the first floor of a home.... READ MORE

Ceiling Leak from Attic Water Heater

Installing a water heater in the attic for homes with limited closet space has proven to be a less than ideal solution. Mostly because the maintenance to r... READ MORE

Laundry Room Leak

What lurks behind your utility room walls?  In this case, a water pipe leak.  The home owner noticed the adjacent room wood flooring was uneven and we... READ MORE