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Holiday Decoration Safety

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

Everyone’s favorite time is just around the corner. Holiday season! The weather’s changing and everyone’s trying to guess the appropriate time to but the Christmas music on the radios and put up the lights, but it’s important to remember to not get lost in the decoration excitement and make sure that everything is done safely.

Putting up lights is a great way to celebrate and spread holiday cheer, just be sure to inspect all of the cords for frayed wires or broken bulbs, and never plug in more lights than the recommended amount to avoid overloading the circuit.

Make sure that your decorations are fire retardant, never use an open flame as part of a decoration, and especially do not hang any decorations from your fire suppression systems.

Doorways, walkways and building entry and exit points should be clear from obstructions and emergency exit signs should still be clearly visible.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season, and should you encounter any emergencies requiring our restoration services please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

SERVPRO Helps from Beginning to End

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO name is synonymous with disaster clean up and restoration from water, fire and mold damage, but we take pride in saying let us make it “Like it never even happened.”

So, what does that mean? It means that your local SERVPRO of Hampton North handles all aspects of your restoration project. From start to finish, we handle everything from damage mitigation and remediation, clean up, restoration, and also reconstruction to make the damage to your home "Like it never even happened." If you choose to do so we can even remodel for you! Our team of reconstruction professionals are equipped and prepared to take on:

  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Flooring of any kind
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • And more

We know that trying to deal with multiple companies or contractors to handle different steps of your project can be stressful at best, and chaotic at worst, especially when your home is on the line. That’s why we strive to be the only place you need for any and all of your damage restoration needs. Call us and see what we can do to help you!

Winter Weather Prep at Home

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

Winter is almost here! Temperatures are dropping and it won’t be long before we’re below freezing and there’s snow on the ground! Is your home ready for the artic freeze?

If you haven’t already, you should have your HVAC system inspected to ensure proper function. HVAC issues with the inability to keep your house warm are an obvious discomfort, but they can also lead to frozen pipes and water damage to your home.

Double check all of your outdoor plumbing to be sure that everything is turned off and drained, so no water freezes in the pipes and causes any damage.

If you use a fireplace during the winter, you should have it cleaned and inspected before use. Creosote buildup is a big fire hazard and can also prevent smoke from exiting your house and instead, have it blow back in. Additionally, double check your smoke detectors and make sure they’re functional.

Winter weather can be so much fun! Just be sure to prepare properly so you can get the most out of your winter wonderland. As always, here at SERVPRO of Hampton North we’re ready and waiting should you encounter any damage to your home during this year’s winter storms.

SERVPRO Uses Ozone Machines

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

Weird, funky, or otherwise just unpleasant odors can plague any businesses, particularly older buildings and any that have suffered from and water or fire damage. While some odor mitigation can be done with just skillful cleaning oftentimes it can require some specialized equipment. This is where the ozone generator comes into play. Ozone generators should be used by professionals who are trained in their use, but for those of us that are not professional odor mitigators, this is the basics behind how they work:

Ozone generators function by scrubbing organic materials out of the air by means of artificial ozone gas. The generators create ozone by adding a third oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule (O2 to O3). This gas is unstable and highly reactive. That third atom bonds with the air pollutants and changes the chemical makeup (oxidation) causing the odor particles to become inactive.

If you’re struggling with an unpleasant odor making your business a place no one wants to be call SERVPRO and let our trained team help make your building “Like it never even happened.”

Clean Your Dryer Vents

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

When talking about fire safety in the home there are things like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers that are obvious, but there are also some that are not so obvious, like your dryer vents for example. Have you had yours cleaned recently? Here are some signs that it might have been a little too long since your last dryer vent cleaning.

  • Hot Dryer and Clothes – If your clothes are coming out of the dryer hotter than usual or the outside of the dryer feels extra hot, the culprit may be a dirty dryer vent not allowing heat to dissipate as well
  • Clothes Taking Too Long to Dry – On the flip side, if you find that your clothes are taking too long to dry and require more than one cycle to finish this could also be a problem with the dryer vent, as a clogged vent will not allow any of the water vapor to be removed from the dryer keeping everything wet for longer
  • Smell – If the dryer is in use and you smell a burning smell this is a huge issue, you should turn off the dryer immediately. The exhaust tube, lint trap and drum of the dryer can get clogged and cause a fire hazard from lint buildup

You should have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned at least once a year to prevent any dangerous situations in your home. Give us a call here at SERVPRO of Hampton North and let our team of professionals come out and help keep your home safe from accidental fires.

When You Have Wet Drywall SERVPRO Can Help

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

Drywall is a fundamental structure in almost every home. Unfortunately, unlike its name, sometimes drywall gets wet. This is especially problematic when dealing with water damage as drywall is very porous. This means that it can wick up water from around it easily and hold water inside. Additionally, because of this porosity, when wet it can be a breeding ground for mold which causes even more damage to your home.

These issues make drywall water damage a very serious condition and require a response from trained professionals, who can identify all affected areas and either repair or remove them in order to help ensure that there is no moisture leftover. If you encounter water spots in your drywall you should never try and address the problem yourself, as without the proper equipment you will not be able to make sure that all of the water is gone and there is no more damage being caused to your home.

SERVPRO of Hampton North is ready for your call to help get your life back on track and the water damage to your home a thing of the past.

SERVPRO Cleans Soft Goods

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Hampton North can also restore your household items and delicate soft goods too? Our restoration equipment includes top of line tools like the Esporta® Wash System.

What does this mean for you?

This means that when your home suffers from a fire or water damage you don’t have to worry about all of your things being permanently lost.

The Esporta is able to restore:

  • Household fabrics like blankets, curtains, carpets, etc.
  • Soft items like children’s plush toys
  • Leather goods
  • Sports equipment like helmets, pads, and gloves
  • Delicate Ceramics
  • PPE
  • And much more!

This allows our SERVPRO team to be able to properly sanitize and remove mold or other biohazards, soot and smoke damage, bacteria, and severe water damage from all manors of items in your household.

Our stance of restore not replace is very important to us and we hope you give us a call and let is help you make your household items “Like it never even happened.”

Are You Ready for Hampton, VA Winter Storms?

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

Are you ready for this year’s winter storms?

Incoming winter storms can be an exciting time for everyone, with so much fun to be had playing in the snow, however winter storms can also bring a lot of problems if you aren’t prepared.

One of the biggest issues in winter storms is power loss. With ice on the trees and the snow getting heavy, branches inevitably fall and can take out power lines leaving you without electricity and potentially also no heat! Make sure that you and your family have plenty of flashlights and fresh batteries for them in case of a power outage, and most importantly make sure that everyone knows where they are in the house so that they’re easier to find when the lights go out and you need them most. If you know a storm is on the way, charge your devices (phones, computers, radios, etc.) before the storm hits, and consider purchasing a power bank for the extra boost in case you need it. Blankets and candles are important to keep around for warmth, just be sure to blow out your candles before you leave the room.

Stock up on water and non-perishable foods as you may not be able to travel on the roads if the storm creates difficult driving conditions. It’s helpful to also have some food on hand that does not need to be cooked in case the power is out and you can no longer use your appliances.

Always try to avoid traveling during a winter storm, but if you do have to travel during the storm always carry a blanket, water, some extra layers, and a fully charged cell phone in case you get stuck and need help.

Getting snowed in can sometimes be scary but as long as you’re prepared you can spend the time having fun with your family and not be concerned about your safety.

Professional Commercial Cleaning in Hampton, VA

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

With businesses being fully open again with foot traffic increasing, and now that flu season is upon us. Keeping your commercial building clean is more important than ever for not just your customers but your staff too!  Fear not, for our local SERVPRO of Hampton North is here to help with any of your commercial cleaning needs.

Cleaning Services that we offer our local businesses:

  • Biohazard and Sewage
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Odor Removal
  • Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
  • Air Ducts and HVAC
  • And more!

Anything that your regular cleaning staff doesn’t handle, we do!

We train our employees constantly so that you can be sure your commercial building is getting the best techniques and expertise that you deserve to keep your business in tiptop shape.

No matter the size of your building or business, high-rise apartments, industrial warehouse, or boutique restaurant, SERVPRO of Hampton North will take on any job, there are none too large! Give us a call at 757-825-9700 and let us know how we can help!

Fire Prevention Week - College Fire Safety

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

During Fire Prevention Week, our SERVPRO of Hampton North team would like to share some important information to ensure our college attendees are staying safe in case of an emergency. First, get the facts:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, Fires in dorms are more common during the evening hours of 5-11pm and on weekends.
  • Roughly 6 out of 7 fires in dorms are started by cooking.

Here are some safety tips that college students should consider:

  • Check your school’s rules before using electrical appliances in your room.
  • If you live in a dormitory, make sure your sleeping room has a smoke alarm, or your dormitory suite has a smoke alarm in each living area as well as the sleeping room.
  • If you live in an apartment or house, make sure smoke alarms are installed in each sleeping room, outside every sleeping area, and on each level of the apartment unit or house.
  • Always test smoke alarms monthly
  • Always keep batteries handy and never remove betteris without replacing them
  • Learn your building’s evacuation plan and practice all drills
  • Have a fire escape plan with two ways out of every room
  • If you live off campus in an apartment, always stay in the kitchen when cooking
  • Do not start cooking if you are feeling sleepy, always stay alert