Recent Before & After Photos

Laundry Room Leak

What lurks behind your utility room walls?  In this case, a water pipe leak.  The home owner noticed the adjacent room wood flooring was uneven and we... READ MORE

Water Heater in the Attic Leak

Usually in homes that have a slab foundation, the water heater is found in the attic.  Regular maintenance and some repairs are recommended throughout the ... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Pipe Leak

The water line in the kitchen cabinet that ran to the dishwasher sprang a leak during the night when the homeowner's were sleeping.  The kitchen floor... READ MORE

Modular Home Damaged by a Storm

Storms that bring high winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on modular homes.  Modular homes are typically built from the bottom up with lots of layers.&n... READ MORE

Hardwood Floors Damaged by Storm Water

This rental home and its older hardwood floors suffered water damage when the roof leaked and water was left to soak on the floor.You c... READ MORE

Fellowship Church Damaged by a Storm in Hampton

Hurricane force winds caused rain to seep into the walls through an already weakened roof of this older fellowship church.  The roof was repaired, a new ce... READ MORE

Flood Water Damage

These homeowners could not control or keep up with flood water entering their home. Food water is considered a Category 3,  black water loss.  Th... READ MORE

Mold Contamination in Hampton

A Certified Restoration company safely gets rid of and removes mold from your home. This means that you can be assured that SERVPRO of Hampton North k... READ MORE

Mold in Crawlspace

Did you know that your nose can often lead the way to discover mold in your business or home.  Mold often produces a strong, musty odor.The homeowner's pip... READ MORE

Mold in Hallway Closet

As a homeowner, when you discover mold in your hall closet, we must find the source, fix the problem and remove the mold.In this case, the crawlspace under the ... READ MORE